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Drier and Mild Thursday; Severe Storms Possible Friday

Clouds and drizzle will linger early tonight, before some clearing takes place toward daybreak. Most of Thursday will be dry and warmer with highs well into the 70s. A chance of showers will be possible Thu night/Fri morning, and again Fri afternoon/evening. Temperatures are expected to warm well into the 80s on Friday. Read More >

Grand Rapids Radar Down For System Upgrade

Radar data from NWS Grand Rapids will be unavailable until Thursday, November 10, due to a scheduled upgrade necessary to extend the life of the radar into the next decade and beyond. Overlapping radar data will be available from surrounding sites, and no severe weather is expected during the outage. The first of four projects in the Service Life Extension Program, this step replaces obsolete signal processor technology with new digital equipment. The signal processor is the like the brains of the radar, and the upgrade will result in faster and more precise data processing, paving the way for new radar technologies and algorithms in the future. In the next several years, refurbishment will also be done to the transmitter, equipment shelter, and pedestal.