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Increasing Clouds Saturday Heat Arrives Sunday

Sun starts the day on Saturday before clouds move in during the afternoon. Upper ridging will set the stage for a several day stretch of 90 degree weather, beginning Sunday and continuing through much of next week. Read More >

This page provides links to many of the text products issued by the Grand Rapids Weather Forecast Office. Products are listed in alphabetical order by AWIPS Identifier.

ADRGRR WOUS43 NWS Administrative Message
AFDGRR FXUS63 Area Forecast Discussion
AFMGRR FOUS53 Area Forecast Matrix
AQAGRR AEUS73 Air Quality Alert
CAEGRR WOUS43 Child Abduction Emergency
CEMGRR WOUS43 Civil Emergency Message
CF6AZO CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Kalamazoo)
CF6BIV CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Holland)
CF6BTL CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Battle Creek)
CF6GRR CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Grand Rapids)
CF6JXN CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Jackson)
CF6LAN CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Lansing)
CF6MKG CXUS53 Preliminary Local Climatological Data (Muskegon)
CFWGRR WHUS43 Coastal Flood Warnings/Watches/Statements
CLAAZO CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Kalamazoo)
CLABIV CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Holland)
CLABTL CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Battle Creek)
CLAGRR CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Grand Rapids)
CLAJXN CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Jackson)
CLALAN CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Lansing)
CLAMKG CXUS53 Annual Climate Summary (Muskegon)
CLIAZO CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Kalamazoo)
CLIBIV CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Holland)
CLIBTL CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Battle Creek)
CLIGRR CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Grand Rapids)
CLIJXN CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Jackson)
CLILAN CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Lansing)
CLIMKG CDUS43 Daily Climate Summary (Muskegon)
CLMAZO CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Kalamazoo)
CLMBIV CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Holland)
CLMBTL CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Battle Creek)
CLMGRR CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Grand Rapids)
CLMJXN CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Jackson)
CLMLAN CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Lansing)
CLMMKG CXUS53 Monthly Climate Summary (Muskegon)
CLSAZO CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Kalamazoo)
CLSBIV CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Holland)
CLSBTL CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Battle Creek)
CLSGRR CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Grand Rapids)
CLSJXN CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Jackson)
CLSLAN CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Lansing)
CLSMKG CXUS53 Seasonal Climate Summary (Muskegon)
DGTGRR AXUS73 Drought Information Statement
ESFGRR FGUS73 Hydrologic Outlook
EVIGRR WOUS43 Evacuation Immediate
FFAGRR WGUS63 Flash Flood Watch
FFWGRR WGUS53 Flash Flood Warning
FLSGRR WGUS83 Flood Statement/Advisory
FLWGRR WGUS43 Flood Warning
FTMGRR NOUS63 Free Text Message
FWFGRR FNUS53 Fire Weather Forecast
FWMGRR FNUS83 Miscellaneous Fire Weather Product
HWOGRR FLUS43 Hazardous Weather Outlook
HYDGRR SXUS53 Daily Hydrometeorological Products
LCOGRR SXUS53 Local Cooperative Observation
LEWGRR WOUS43 Law Enforcement Warning
LSRGRR NWUS53 Local Storm Report
MWWGRR WHUS73 Marine Weather Message
NPWGRR WWUS73 Non-Precipitation Watch/Warning/Advisory
NSHGRR FZUS53 Nearshore Marine Forecast
NUWGRR WOUS43 Nuclear Power Plant Warning
OMRGRR SXUS83 Other Marine Reports
PFMGRR FOUS53 Point Forecast Matrix
PNSGRR NOUS43 Public Information Statement
RERAZO SXUS73 Record Event Report (Kalamazoo)
RERBIV SXUS73 Record Event Report (Holland)
RERBTL SXUS73 Record Event Report (Battle Creek)
RERGRR SXUS73 Record Event Report (Grand Rapids)
RERLAN SXUS73 Record Event Report (Lansing)
RERMKG SXUS73 Record Event Report (Muskegon)
RFWGRR WWUS83 Red Flag Warning
RR1GRR SRUS53 Hydrology Meteorology Data Report
RR2GRR SRUS53 Hydrology Meteorology Data Report
RR3GRR SRUS53 Hydrology Meteorology Data Report
RTPGRR ASUS63 Regional Temp/Precip Table
RVAGRR SRUS43 Hydrologic Summary
RVDGRR FGUS53 Daily River & Lake Summary
RVSGRR FGUS83 Hydrologic Statement
RWRMI ASUS43 Regional Weather Roundup (normally issued by the Detroit WFO)
SCDGRR CXUS63 Supplementary Climatological Data (Grand Rapids)
SCDLAN CXUS63 Supplementary Climatological Data (Lansing)
SCDMKG CXUS63 Supplementary Climatological Data (Muskegon)
SFTMI FPUS63 State Tabular Forecast
SMWGRR WHUS53 Special Marine Warning
SPSGRR WWUS83 Special Weather Statement
SPWGRR WOUS43 Shelter in Place Warning
SRFGRR FZUS53 Surf Zone Forecast / Recreational Beach Forecast
SVRGRR WUUS53 Severe Thunderstorm Warning
SVSGRR WWUS53 Severe Weather Statement
TAFAZO FTUS43 Terminal Areodrome Forecast (Kalamazoo)
TAFBTL FTUS43 Terminal Areodrome Forecast (Battle Creek)
TAFGRR FTUS43 Terminal Areodrome Forecast (Grand Rapids)
TAFJXN FTUS43 Terminal Areodrome Forecast (Jackson)
TAFLAN FTUS43 Terminal Areodrome Forecast (Lansing)
TAFMKG FTUS43 Terminal Areodrome Forecast (Muskegon)
TOEGRR WOUS43 911 Telephone Outage Emergency
TORGRR WFUS53 Tornado Warning
WCNGRR WWUS63 Watch County Notification
WSWGRR WWUS43 Winter Weather Product
ZFPGRR FPUS53 Zone Forecast Product