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A Snowy Afternoon

A weakening storm system will pass through the area this afternoon into this evening with light snow. However, the snow my be briefly heavy at times west of Battle Creek and south of I-96 during the mid to late afternoon. Most areas in southwest Michigan will get less than an inch of snow today. Between I-96 and I-94 up to 2 inches of snow is expected. Roads may become icy . Read More >

Event Overview

A line of severe thunderstorms impacted lower Michigan during the evening hours of August 28th, 2018. Strong winds of 50 to 60 mph were common along the line with pockets of intense damaging winds of 75 to 90 mph. There were also two tornadoes embedded within the strongest winds near Baldwin and Idlewild. The most extensive damage was along US-10 from Ludington to Reed City, with separate areas of intense damage near Big Rapids and Le Roy.  In all, the line of storms was responsible for 25 tornadoes across Wisconsin and Michigan (19 in Wisconsin, 6 in Michigan). 


Summary of the damage surveys conducted after the event. 

Note that it can be difficult to ascertain whether tornadoes occur in a broader region of straight line winds.  Tornadoes that develop in lines of thunderstorms are often weak and transient, leading to short (and at times discontinuous) damage paths. Yet, the region of damaging winds in which tornadoes may be embedded often has wind speeds similar (if not stronger) in magnitude compared to the weak tornadoes.  While we try our best to determine if tornadoes indeed occurred using both radar data and in-person damage surveys, sometimes determinations can not be made.  Keep in mind that winds do not have to rotate to be dangerous as the majority of damage surveyed from this event was not produced by tornadoes. 


This storm system impacted a large portion of the Great Lakes.  Check out other storm summaries, including information on additional tornadoes, below:

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SPC Storm Reports




Note: The information in this storm summary is considered preliminary and may change in the coming weeks as additional information is examined. Moreover, this summary does not represent the full scale of damage across the area.  Swaths of damage from severe winds also occurred in Oceana, Newaygo, and Clare Counties.


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