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Project Goals

  • Provide additional valuable information to media and Emergency Managers

  • Facilitate improved public response and decision making

  • Better meet societal needs in the most life-threatening weather events

Intended Outcomes


  • Optimize the convective warning system within the existing structure

  • Motivate proper response to warnings by distinguishing situational urgency

  • Realign the warning message in terms of societal impacts

  • Communicate recommended actions & precautions more precisely

  • Evaluate ability to distinguish between low impact and high impact events


Warnings enhanced by:


  • Improving communication of critical information

  • Making it easier to quickly identify the most valuable information

  • Enabling users to prioritize the key warnings in your area of interest

  • Providing different levels of risk within the same product

  • Enabling the NWS to express a confidence level of potential impacts

  • Highlighting storms that are particularly dangerous

  • Allowing users and vendors to develop apps and tools for the public and broadcast meteorologists to better communicate areas of increased risk