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Hovmöller Analysis And Prognostic Approach (HAPA) Project Reports

DISCLAIMER: This is an EXPERIMENTAL project report based on the Hovmöller Analysis and Prognostics Approach (HAPA) conducted at the WFO New Orleans/Baton Rouge Forecast Office (WFO LIX). This report is a means of bringing situational awareness to large scale events and potential impacts that may require decision support or emergency response activities in the foreseeable future. This project is NOT a long range forecast product for day-to-day conditions. HAPA is an interpretive method of integrating established numerical model guidance, climatological and earth systems monitoring and subject matter expertise from various sources to provide an outlook to potential weather hazards in the 8 to 60 day range. The intended audience of this report is media, NWS partners, stakeholders, and the general public. Users must refer to the latest official NWS forecasts and outlooks for any decision-making activities.

Report #1:  HAPA_LIX_1702 [pdf] -  October 13, 2016

Report #2:  HAPA_LIX_1703 [pdf] - October 27, 2016

Report #3: HAPA_LIX_1704 [pdf] - November 12, 2016

Report #4: HAPA_LIX_1705 [pdf] - December 08,  2016

Report #5: HAPA_LIX_1706 [pdf] - December 21, 2016

Report #6: HAPA_LIX_1708 [pdf] - January 18, 2017

Report #7: HAPA_LIX_1709 [pdf] - February 3, 2017

Report #8: HAPA_LIX_1710 [pdf] - February 16, 2017

Report #9: HAPA_LIX_1711 [pdf] - March 1, 2017

Report #10: HAPA_LIX_1712 [pdf] - March 18, 2017

Report #11: HAPA_LIX_1713 [pdf] - pending April 1, 2017


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