National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Date Posted: Febuary 8, 2012

PLAN!T NOW and its partners, which include NOAA's National Weather Service, have introduced the Young Meteorologist Program (YMP), a free digital program that will teach students across the United States about severe weather facts and safety. Designed for students in grades 3-8, YMP is built around a game that follows the main character, Owlie, through five severe weather challenges as he, and the player, try to earn a Young Meteorologist Certificate. Through learning about hurricanes, lightning, floods, tornadoes and winter storms, players will learn how to be prepared for real-life severe weather and natural hazards.

Owlie, the game's main character, is adapted from Owlie Skywarn, a longstanding part of severe weather education through the National Weather Service. The sound scientific lessons from the Owlie Skywarn illustrated workbook have been turned into a digital, 21st-century teaching tool.