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How NOAA supports individuals with intellectual disabilities

Weather safety should be accessible to everyone because it is something we face every day. In order to create a Weather-Ready for all,  symbol-supported weather safety materials made specifically for individuals with disabilities have been created. It is the first time National Weather Service weather safety content has been transformed into a symbol-supported text specifically for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Lightning, heat, flood safety, wildfires, cold and tornadoes and their accompanying safety precautions are discussed throughout the materials. By covering a wide range of weather categories, one can be certain individuals in all geographical areas can have life-saving information that is relevant to them, as well as information that can help them better understand complex concepts and new details and information.

These materials will help to educate individuals with disabilities on dangerous weather conditions in their area and the important safety precautions that come with them, which in turn, will ensure their safety and well-being and create a Weather-Ready Nation for all.

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