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photograph of a small boat in front of a large container vessel in the oceanWelcome to the Weather-Ready Nation (WRN) Marine Ambassador webpage. Here, you’ll find information on NOAA marine product changes, discover opportunities to collaborate, and learn about weather impacts to maritime safety. We encourage all maritime organizations to become Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors and join the WRN Marine Ambassadors who are helping to build a "Marine-Weather-Ready Nation."

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  • Creating A Cohesive Marine Forecast
    The National Weather Service (NWS), in collaboration with other nations, plays a critical role in generating marine forecasts that contribute to a global network of marine information such as wind speed, wave height, and more.

  • Mariner's Guide to Tropical Cyclones
    This new NWS guide, replacing the old Mariner’s Guide for Hurricane Awareness in the North Atlantic Basin, reflects the significant improvements in tropical cyclone forecasting in the past 20 years and covers the updated best practices to avoid these storms.

  • Coastal Waters Forecast with Wave Detail
    The NWS, through the improved Coastal Waters Forecast (CWF) product, will be providing enhanced wave height, direction, and period information in marine forecasts. Read more...

  • Coastal Inundation Dashboard
    The Coastal Inundation Dashboard provides real-time and historic coastal flooding information along with projected high tide flood frequency at NOS long-term water level stations nationwide. Read more...

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