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Weather-Ready Nation: International

We Are in This Together: all major areas of government, business, and science, including the international community, are part of building a Weather-Ready Nation.


Breaking Down Barriers Building a Weather-Ready Nation through partnership
A presentation by Dr. Uccellini, Director of the National Weather Service.

Strengthening partnerships for a Weather-Ready Nation doesn't stop at our borders. International engagement is imperative when striving to make people of all nations "weather-ready" and requires the entire National and International Weather Enterprise to work together to deliver information for better National community, business, and personal decision-making.

Extreme weather and climate events are ubiquitous – existing globally on all corners of the planet. The weather/climate challenges we experience here in the U.S. similarly affect other countries and as global vulnerability increases, quantifying societal relevance and communicating science will no doubt be key in facilitating a societal response equal to the level of risk we face. Furthermore, as a global community, we can learn from each other's experiences, keeping the communication channels open and sharing best practices that will lead to building societal resiliency in the face of high-impact weather and climate events.

New: WMO Bulletin Vol 63 (2) 2014 - Building a Weather-Ready Nation (Doug Hilderbrand)

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