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A Weather-Ready Nation requires a purposeful national conversation focused on actions to reduce the loss of life and social and economic impact of severe weather. Workshops, conferences and other planning activities are taking place to refine and prioritize actions directed toward producing both measurable reductions in the loss of life and avoidable damage to the American economy.

Vision and Strategies for a Weather-Ready Nation
American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting – Keynote Remarks by NOAA Deputy Administrator Dr. Kathryn Sullivan
January 10, 2013
Austin, TX

So what might life be like when we live in a Weather-Ready Nation? Dr. Sullivan discusses the progress that has been made and the challenges that lie ahead.

Science Imperatives for Severe Thunderstorm Research
24-26 April, 2012
Birmingham, AL

The workshop’s 63 participants—representing the disciplines of civil engineering, communication, economics, emergency management, geography, meteorology, psychology, public health, public policy, sociology, and urban planning—participated in interdisciplinary discussion groups. Read the eight white papers submitted prior to the conference and discover the 12 specific research recommendations developed during this workshop sponsored by NOAA and the National Science Foundation.

Weather Ready Nation: A Vital Conversation on Tornadoes and Severe Weather
December 13-15, 2011
Norman, OK

At the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, a national conversation began on what it takes for our country to become a “Weather‐Ready Nation.” This dialogue brought together social scientists and physical scientists, operational forecasters and TV meteorologists, first responders and emergency managers, and private entrepreneurs and government officials from across the country.