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Date Posted: May 16, 2012

A truly Weather-Ready Nation requires the participation of old and young alike and everyone in between. One way to empower young people to be forces of nature is through digital media. 

On May 25, PLAN!T NOW, in cooperation with the National Weather Service and other partners will launch the Young Meteorologist Program, a free computer game that educates children in grades K-8 about the importance of severe weather preparedness.

“Owlie’s message to ‘Prepare and Survive’ for severe weather informs children and families using a platform that is bold, fun, and empowering,” says PLAN!T NOW President and Co-founder, Donna Lee. 

PLAN!T NOW is an international disaster preparedness non-profit co-founded by Morgan Freeman in 2004 after a hurricane devastated the island nation of Grenada.

“Although we won’t be attending the launch of the game, we are thankful for PLAN!T NOW’s efforts to make the important and serious topic of storm safety accessible to kids,” said National Weather Service Director Jack Hayes. “The Young Meteorologist Program makes learning about severe weather and preparedness interesting and engaging. We want kids everywhere to play the game and then help their family and friends be prepared.”
The Young Meteorologist Program is the result of an unprecedented partnership spearheaded by PLAN!T NOW, a disaster preparedness non-profit co-founded by Morgan Freeman and serving the United States and Caribbean. NOAA, NWS, the American Meteorological Society, and National Education Association round out the project partner team. 

Learning about severe weather and the steps to take to stay safe empowers young people. As they become confident and knowledgeable about severe weather, they help build a Weather-Ready Nation. Young people, like six-year-old Elena, can be a force of nature by learning and sharing their knowledge with friends and family.