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Enjoying the outdoors is one of the best parts of the summer season. While relishing all the sun and fun, though, are you making sure to keep safety in mind? The National Weather Service Summer Safety Campaign provides helpful tips for how to make sure your summer activities are fun AND safe.

Beach Summer Safety

With the sound of ocean waves and the feel of a summer breeze, time on the beach conjures up rest and relaxation. It’s important to remain aware of hazards that can arise during a day at the shore, such as rip currents and dangerous waves, excessive heat, and lightning.


Boating Summer Safety

It’s especially important to keep safety in mind when boating. Keep an eye on strong winds, lightning, and fog - and always make sure that each passenger wears a life jacket!


Nature Summer Safety

Enjoying time under the twinkling stars and within lush forests that also means keeping an eye out for possible hazards. Flash flooding, excessive heat, and lightning are three to watch out for.


Outdoor Sports Summer Safety

Even when in the middle of an intense game, it’s key to keep safety in mind while playing outdoor sports. Make sure to not overheat, and to also keep an eye on air quality as well as any lightning that may appear in the area.

The National Weather Service Summer Safety Campaign website has lots of great content - like infographics, videos, social media plans ( and more!) to help spread the word about weather safety during the summer months. Check it out, spread the word, and stay safe and cool this summer!