National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

OneNWSA major upgrade in technology is taking the National Weather Service (NWS) from separate operating platforms across the country to a “family plan,” called the OneNWS Network! OneNWS Network enhances the efficiencies of local, regional, and national level offices and centers with:

  • Faster download/upload speeds and higher bandwidth, allowing for more data and quicker software updates
  • More circuits to reduce lapses in network operations
  • Single point of contact for network monitoring and support

All national centers, the Alaska Region, and the Pacific Region are already upgraded to OneNWS. By the end of 2017, all offices and centers will operate under the OneNWS Network.

The new GOES-R satellite will launch in November 2016, providing 3x more data, 4x better resolution, and 5x faster coverage than the satellites currently in orbit. Can you imagine how much extra data will cross the National Weather Service’s fiber-optic lines? Thankfully, the OneNWS Network ensures that the NWS is more than capable of handling the masses of information. Most importantly, forecasters will be able to translate this rich information into actionable forecasts that motivate communities to maximize their safety in the face of dangerous weather conditions.

OneNWS provides a stronger, faster foundation to build a weather-ready nation!