National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Date Posted: December 7, 2016


NOAA’s National Weather Service is expanding its local Winter Weather Pages – a one stop shop for winter weather information. These pages, now available at 44 of the 122 local NWS office webpages, include three experimental forecast products to explain the range of snowfall possibilities from oncoming storms extending three days before a storm. 
Explaining the range of possibilities allows everyone to make better decisions on what action to take, based not only on the most likely expected snowfall, but also on the maximum and minimum potential of the storm. Knowing the forecast and adequately preparing can lessen the impacts associated with hazardous winter weather.

These new forecast tools include :

Example graphics outlining the minimum (left) forecast (center) and maximum (right) snowfall amounts for a potential winter storm.
  • Snow Accumulation Potential- 3 graphics that provide the most likely snowfall (our official forecast), as well as maximum (most snow that may fall) and minimum (expect at least this much snow) possibilities.
    Example graphics outlining the probability that at least 1 inch (left), 2 inches (center), and 4 inches (right) will fall during a potential winter storm. 
  • Chance That Snow Accumulation Will Be Greater Than… - shows how likely it is that the snowfall will exceed various amounts, allowing all to see how likely it is that the snow will be a minor nuisance or a major winter storm.

Example graphic outlining the minimum (at least), forecast (Likely), and Maximum (Potential for) snowfall amounts, 
as well as the percent chance that a given amount of snow will fall at various towns/cities within a region. 

The following weather forecast offices will have this data available on their web pages:

Aberdeen, SD: 

Albany, NY:

Atlanta, GA:

Baltimore, MD-Washington, DC:

Binghamton, NY:

Bismarck, ND:

Blacksburg, VA:

Boulder, CO:

Burlington, VT:

Green Bay, WI:

Greenville/Spartanburg, SC:

Indianapolis, IN:

Jackson, KY:

Louisville, KY:

Lubbock, TX:

Marquette, MI:

Milwaukee, WI:

Minneapolis, MN:

Mt. Holly, NJ:

New York, NY:

Northern Indiana:

Omaha/Valley NE:

Caribou, ME:

Charleston, WV:

Cheyenne, WY:

Chicago, IL:

Des Moines, IA:

Dodge City, KS:

Eastern North Dakota:

Goodland, KS:

Gray, ME:

Paducah, KY:

Pittsburgh, PA:

Pueblo, CO:

Raleigh, NC:

Reno, NV:

Sioux Falls, SD:

Springfield, MO:

State College, PA:

Taunton, MA:

Tulsa, OK:

Wakefield, VA:

Wichita, KS:

Wilmington, OH: