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Date Posted: April 25, 2017
Wildfire Outbreak - NOAA Photo Library

Fittingly, Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador number 5,000 comes from the heart of our nation. We would like to congratulate Real Country 97.3 KBLR Radio as Ambassador #5,000 in our effort to make the United States a weather-ready nation. Congratulations are also in order for NWS Omaha, who KBLR is partners with, as well as all of our Offices in the field, whose efforts and dedication to expanding our Ambassador program have paved the way to reaching the 5,000 level.

Brad Leggett, Manager at 97.3 KBLR is currently our featured WRN Ambassador on the Weather-Ready Nation website, and you can read what a weather-ready nation means to him, and how he and his team are working to make that happen.

More than just a number, the 5,000 ambassador milestone reflects our agency’s reach into communities across the 50 states and territories as well as the tangible success stories of greater partnerships, outreach collaborations, and ambassadors engaging their employees and stakeholders. The NWS can’t reach everyone and our 5,000 Ambassadors are helping us reach more businesses -- more organizations -- more individuals. Congratulations to all of our offices for embracing the ambassador initiative and working hard to build a Weather-Ready Nation!