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Caption: Bruckner Chase of BCOP (left), Philly FOX Good Day reporter (right), Ocean City Beach Patrol (center)

Bruckner Chase Ocean Positive (BCOP) is an outstanding example of how a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador can play an important role in amplifying beach and ocean safety messages to reach a wider audience. Through his role as the Technical Director and Media Liaison for the Red Bull Surf and Rescue Competition in Atlantic City in July, Bruckner Chase  and his non-profit  took every opportunity to remind both competitors and the public about the need to understand and respect the ocean. Multiple news outlets in New York and Philadelphia covered the event, and due to BCOP’s efforts, viewers and readers were reminded what to do in the event of a rip current, how to be careful in the surf zone to avoid neck and spinal cord injury, where to check local forecasts before heading to the beach and to always swim at guarded beaches. Dangerous waves and beach weather conditions have contributed to multiple drownings along the East Coast this season, and rip currents cause more than 100 fatalities each year in the US.  Efforts like this are an important way to spread awareness and help keep beachgoers safe.

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