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Summer is right around the corner! In an effort to remind everyone to protect their skin while having fun in the sun, today has been designated as “Don’t Fry Day” by the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention.

According to the Center for Disease Control, the sun’s UV rays can damage your skin in as little as 15 minutes. Want to know how to protect yourself this summer? Here are 5 recommended “sun safe habits” to prevent skin and eye damage:

  1. Check NOAA’s UV Index forecast before you go.

    Each day, NOAA predicts and tracks ultraviolet radiation levels in the atmosphere that reach Earth’s surface, and then forecasts the potential for skin and eye damaging radiation. A numbered score of 0-5 indicates a low risk for those exposed to the sun, while a numbered score of 6 or greater indicates that significant damage can occur in a short period of time.
  2. Apply — and reapply — sunscreen.

    Use an SPF 30 broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen at least 30 minutes before sun exposure — and reapply every two hours. If you’re jumping in the water, apply even more frequently. Protect marine life by using a chemical free, environmentally friendly sunscreen.
  3. Seek shade.

    Bring your own shade to the outdoors by seeking shade under an umbrella. A large tree or other shaded structures could also help.
  4. Wear sunglasses.

    Your eyes need protection too! Pack a pair of sunglasses before enjoying a day in the sun, and throw a wide brim hat in your bag while you’re at it.
  5. Wear protective clothing.

    Ultraviolet Protection Factor sunwear provides an extra layer of protection from the sun.

Make sure you don’t fry this summer by taking one or more of these small steps for sun safety! To ensure your friends and family are also protected, spread the word using this toolkit, which features additional information, graphics, and pre-made social media posts.