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Introductory Comments - Gary Carter
Verification Concepts - Jim Smith
Exisitng NWS verification programs
Met Verification - Paul Dallavalle
QPF Verification - Tom Graziano
National Web Page - Bill Lerner
Note: This site is password protected. Please contact one of the workshop participants for details on accessing the site.
Hydro Verification Program - Frank Richards
Overview of National RFC River Forecast Verification Program
Installation of program - Randy Reiman
Data Extraction
Pairing/Statistics - Randy Reiman
Location update - Randy Reiman
Trouble shooting and getting help - Randy Reiman
Database structure and access - Edwin Welles
Survey of Statistics
General survey of available statistics - Edwin Welles
SS_LEPS vs. RMSE - Noreen Schwein
Verification Approaches
Southern Region Approach- Billy Olsen
NERFC approach - Rob Shedd
Central region program - Julie Meyer
APRFC approach - Scott Lindsey
CNRFC approach - Alan Takomoto
NWRFC approach - Steve King
Distributions based approach - Edwin Welles


RFC River Forecast Verification Workshop Participants

Office Name Email address
ABRFC Billy Olsen
ABRFC Renee Wasko
APRFC Scott Lindsey
CBRFC Bill Reed
CNRFC Alan Takamoto
LMRFC Steve Listemaa
MARFC Joe Ostrowski
MBRFC Julie Meyer
NCRFC Dick Felch
NERFC Rob Shedd
NWRFC Steve King
SERFC Christine McGehee
WGRFC Bob Corby
CRH/HSD Noreen Schwein
ERH/HSD Peter Gabrielsen
SRH/HSD Ben Weiger
WRH/HSD Gregg Rishel
OCWWS/HSD Tom Graziano
OCWWS/HSD Randy Rieman
OCWWS/HSD Frank Richards
OHD Gary Carter
OHD Donna Page
OHD/HL George Smith
OHD/HL Edwin Welles
Princeton Jim Smith
OST/MDL Paul Dallavalle
OST/MDL Valery Dagostaro
OCWWS/PAD Bill Lerner
OST/MDL Wilson Shaffer
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