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2024 National Hydrologic Assessment

Flood Inundation
Mapping (FIM) Services

Experimental services depicting the extent of predicted inundation, as derived from River Forecast Center forecasts and National Water Model analyses and forecasts. Services are available via the “Viewer”, or directly via URLs hosted on the Hydrologic Visualization and Inundation Services (HydroVIS) cloud system. These services are currently only available for an area that includes 10% of the U.S. population but will be expanded later. Additional informational resources are available below.

Public Notification Statement (PNS)
FIM Fact Sheet
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
FIM Service Description Document (SDD)
Viewer Access Instructions
API Access Instructions

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Area Hydrologic Discussion

Experimental short range, episodic, discussion and graphic which highlights locations across the nation that may be impacted by rapid-onset flooding, using National Water Model and other guidance.

AHD Product Description Document
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Flood Hazard Outlook

High Level graphical depiction and key messages highlighting the potential threat of inland flood hazards (flash, urban, small stream and riverine) and their associated impacts (catastrophic, considerable, and limited) for the next seven days.

FHO Product Description Document
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National Hydrologic Discussion

Experimental discussion of the current and forecast hydrologic conditions across the nation, including a variety of short and medium range (Days 1-10) observed and modeled hydrologic guidance.

NHD Product Description Document
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Significant River Flood Outlook

Operational flood outlook intended to provide a general outlook for significant (moderate and above) river flooding. It is not intended to depict all areas of minor flooding or small-scale events such as localized flooding and/or flash flooding.

NWC Visualization Services

Experimental geospatial services depicting forecasts from the River Forecast Centers and the National Water Model. Services available via the prototype NWS National Map Viewer, or directly via URLs hosted on the Hydrologic Visualization and Inundation Services (HydroVIS) cloud resource.

Public Services Handbook
NWC Visualization Services Service Description Document
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