National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

(Before) Clark County, NV, Before Partitioning

current EAS footprint, see text

 (After) Clark County, NV, After

(After) Future EAS Footprint for Flash Flood Warning

More Information

Clark County, NV information:


For Clark County, our example, the text scroll of the warning over EAS will state the National Weather Service has issued a Flash Flood Warning for “Northeast Clark County, Northwest Clark County.” The cardinal language descriptions are fixed as follows:

Location Code for EAS and NWR SAME

Enhanced message the public will see/hear


Northeast Clark County


East Clark County


South Clark County


Central Clark County


West Clark County


Northwest Clark County


Clark County


  • Broadcasters who choose to relay specific partitions must add each unique, 6-digit location code to their EAS box filter.
  • Broadcasts who choose to relay an all-county warning will need to check with their EAS equipment supplier for additional instructions.
  • Partitioning will benefit lower wattage AM radio stations serving specific county partitions