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Severe Weather Threat Continues Across the Central U.S.; Critical Fire Weather Conditions in New Mexico

Severe thunderstorms will continue to be likely across the Central Plains into the Midwest on Monday. Thunderstorm development is also possible in portions of the Middle Mississippi Valley to Lower Michigan Monday afternoon. Gusty winds and low humidity will lead to critical fire weather conditions Monday across western New Mexico into southeastern Arizona. Read More >

NOTICE TO ALL USERS - The graphical surf zone forecast is experimental and may not be available at all times. For additional information please contact the webmaster.

Risk Level Description Click on the icons for more detail
The risk for rip currents is low, however, life threatening rip currents often occur in the vicinity of inlets, groins, jetties, reefs, and piers.

The map above is color-coded to indicate the forecast rip current risk level. Click on the beach area of your choice for more information.

Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of water flowing away from shore. They typically extend from the shoreline, through the surf zone, and past the line of breaking waves. Rip currents can occur at any beach with breaking waves.

If caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the beach and you will eventually swim out of the outgoing current. Remember to heed the advice of the local beach patrol and flag warning systems.



Life threatening rip currents are possible in the surf zone.
Life threatening rip currents are likely in the surf zone.
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