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Water Initiative

Coastal Coupling Community of Practice

Coastal Coupling Community of Practice in Focus:

Scientists and modelers from the federal government and academia have formed the Coastal Coupling Community of Practice (CC CoP) in order to address the challenges integrating riverine and coastal water in an effort to develop accurate water forecasts through the Water Initiative. The near-term goal of the CC CoP is to create a sustainable framework for engagement and an environment for tacit learning between scientists to develop collaborative solutions for continental-scale integrated water prediction.  
Currently, integrated models do not skillfully and appropriately represent complex riverine, estuarine, and coastal hydraulic processes the long-term goal is to develop products and services that meet the needs of water resources managers, water suppliers, planners, and decision-makers that help to protect the lives and property of the over 100 million people in the coastal zone that currently do not have this information.

Community of Practice Areas of Focus



Advance science around coupling models through collaborative community engagement for integrated coastal solutions employing research, model development and application, data provision, observations, analysis, and service delivery.



To enable the coupling of models across the coastal zone, starting with hydrologic and hydrodynamic models, to better simulate and analyze earth system processes and provide physical parameters such as water levels, flows, water quality, sediment, geomorphic changes, etc.

Actionable information on these parameters (water levels, flows, water quality, sediment, geomorphic changes, etc.) provided to stakeholders in accessible and user-friendly formats.

Accelerated national coverage of integrated water prediction capabilities through the adoption of community research and models that acknowledge stakeholder-driven requirements.

Upcoming Activities:






















How can I get involved?

Cayla Dean, Ph.D.
Outreach Specialist/Coastal Scientist
Lynker Technologies, Inc. on contract with NOAA CO-OPS

The National Water Center
205 Hackberry Lane
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Phone: 205-347-1361