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Slow Moving Cold Front Moves into the Central U.S.

A slow moving cold front continues to move eastward across the U.S. this weekend. Behind the cold front is unseasonably cold weather and high elevation snows; ahead of the front, temperatures are more typical of mid-summer. The front separating these extremes will help focus heavy rain, with the potential for flash flooding extending from eastern New Mexico and western Texas to the Upper Midwest. Read More >

The growing season across Southern Alaska is nearing its end in most places, though for some has already ended. Here are some highlights for the fall season so far based on the towns and cities labelled in the graphics:

Anchorage International: The only station listed that hasn't dropped into the 30s yet this season. The normal date for getting into the 30s (39º or less) in Anchorage is September 5th.

Talkeetna: The town furthest behind its normal date of the first frost. Talkeetna has yet to have their first frost (or even come close).

King Salmon: The town furthest ahead of its normal date of the first frost. King Salmon got down to 32º way back on August 22nd, more than 2 weeks ahead of its normal first 32 degree or lower reading.