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28-day Mississippi River Forecast Plots


These experimental plots were created as a way to display long range (28-day) forecasts which became part of daily operations at LMRFC in November of 2016. The official forecast (2 days of QPF) is displayed along with an experimental, raw model NAEFS-based forecast (16 days of QPF).


NEXRAD ZR Relationship Table


This table displays the radar reflectivity to rain rate relationships being used by each of the NEXRAD radar sites in the LMRFC area. Local weather forecast offices will change this relationship seasonally and by rainfall event to help improve radar estimates of rainfall.


DHMTF Streamflow ARI


These plots display streamflow average recurrence interval (ARI) output from the DHMTF model. The DHMTF was developed at the LMRFC as a way to monitor potential flooding for ungauged streams.


RFC Best-Estimate Rainfall ARI and MRMS Rainfall Diagnostics


Plots displaying the average recurrence interval (ARI) for 1-hour and 3-hour RFC best-estimate rainfall as well as diagnostics for the MRMS radar-only rainfall estimate product. The plots were developed as a tool for assessing the severity of shorter duration rainfall in realtime as well as biases in radar-only products.