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Severe Thunderstorms over the Plains, Heavy Rain Threat Continues over Portions of the Mississippi Valley

Heavy rainfall with localized flooding will remain possible over portions of the Mississippi Valley and the Plains through midweek. In addition, severe thunderstorms will be possible over the southern and central Plains. Some of the storms could contain damaging winds and large hail. Read More >

JSC Bldg. 30 Weather Observations

Day TimeTemperatureDew Point RHWind AltimeterAccum. PCPN
since midnight
Wind Chill
(Central)(F)(F) (%)DirectionAvg Spd
Pk Spd
(inHg) (inches)Heat Index
17 Aug 0820847779216 SW8 1230.060.0093
17 Aug 0822847778215 SW7 1030.060.0094
17 Aug 0824847778205 SW7 1030.060.0094
17 Aug 0826847778207 SW7 1430.060.0094
17 Aug 0828847678213 SW9 1230.060.0094
17 Aug 0830847677214 SW9 1230.060.0094
17 Aug 0832847777221 SW9 1130.060.0094
17 Aug 0834857777223 SW7 1030.060.0095
17 Aug 0836857777221 SW8 1130.060.0095
17 Aug 0838857676216 SW8 1130.060.0095
17 Aug 0840857776215 SW8 1130.060.0095

Aug 16 Maximum temperature: 92 F at 1242 Minimum temperature: 83 F at 0349
Precipitation: 0.04 inches Peak wind: 32 mph at 1614

NOTE 26 June 2017: New sonic anemometer installed June 22 2017. Altimeter is now reading correctly.

MesoWest data displays from NWS Western Region: JSC Bldg. 30 and NASA Ellington Field

Additional displays available from University of Utah Mesowest site. JSC Bldg. 30 and NASA Ellington Field (Not METAR site KEFD)

Additional rainfall data from Building 421 at JSC may be found at the JSC CoCoRaHS station TX-HRR-52 (Nassau Bay 1.6 NNW) Note that CoCoRaHS data is reported on day of measurement.

Heat Index is only reported when the temperature is 75 F or greater. Wind Chill is reported only when the temperature is 45 F or less. Exposure to full sunshine can increase heat index values by 15 degrees. Learn more about the heat index.

This is an experimental data service and is NOT CONSIDERED OPERATIONAL. Data may not be available at all times nor is it monitored 24/7. Data is provided by the NASA Johnson Space Center and provided by the NWS SMG as a courtesy. Sensors are located atop JSC Building 30 and may not always be representative of surrounding conditions.

NASA Ellington Field Weather Observation

Day TimeTemperature Accum. PCPN
since midnight
(Central)(F) (inches)
08/17 08:40860.00

NASA Ellington: Aug 16 Max temperature: 94 F Min Temperature: 80 F Rainfall: 0.00 inches