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Stormy weather pattern for the Western U.S. this week

A series of Pacific weather systems will bring several rounds of precipitation and wind to the western U.S. this week. Several inches of rain could fall in portions of WA, OR and CA, especially in the coastal ranges and foothills. Snow is forecast in the higher mountains. In addition, winds will be strong, especially in mountainous areas, which could pose a hazard to high-profile vehicles. Read More >

High pressure will dominate the TRACON with VFR conditions under just FEW cirrus clouds. Surface winds will be northeast to east at 5-12kts with 15-20kt gusts after 13z. Expect 15-25kt compression winds during descent on final approach in East operations until 17-18z. Flight hazards in the TRACON airspace: None expected.

Updated:10/25/2016 5:56 AM
ATL Terminal Aerodrome Forecast:
FTUS80 KATL 251121 RRA
KATL 251120Z 2512/2618 05008KT P6SM SKC
     FM251400 08012G18KT P6SM FEW250
     FM251800 10009KT P6SM SCT250
     FM252300 09005KT P6SM SKC
     FM261200 12009KT P6SM FEW250

ATL TRACON Area Remark:
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Convective Gate Forecast
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