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Each box in the calendar below contains the High Temperature, Low Temperature and Precipitation observed on the given day. If a value is shaded then it was the highest value observed in the month at that station. If a value is followed by a * or *T then that observed value broke or tied, respectively, the daily record value for the day. The calendar is updated every month, after the 1st of the month.

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Note: when the calendar indicates a daily record was broken it does not take into account any observations in subsequent years. For example, if a calendar indicates a daily record was broken on 7/5/2013 it may not be the current daily record. The record may have been broken again on 7/5/2017. Data is from ACIS maintained by NOAA Regional Climate Centers. All records and observations are considered unofficial until certified by the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).


Temperature and precipitation records for each station date back to:

  Temperature Precipitation
Columbia Metro Airport (CAE) 06-05-1887 06-01-1887
Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) 05-06-1874 02-01-1871
Orangeburg Municipal Airport (OGB) 06-01-1997 04-01-1998
Columbia Owens Field (CUB) 10-14-1998 10-14-1998
Augusta Daniel Field (DNL) 07-01-1996 04-01-1998