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South Carolina will observe Severe Weather Awareness Week March 3 to March 9, 2013.

This year, Severe Weather Awareness Week is sponsored by the National Weather Service, South Carolina Emergency Management Division, and the South Carolina Broadcasters Association. This annual event gives South Carolinians an opportunity to educate themselves or review their knowledge of severe weather hazards and safety rules.

The annual statewide tornado drill will be held on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 with an alternate date of Thursday, March 7. The National Weather Service will issue a Test Tornado Warning using the actual EAS code for this drill. There will be NO Test Watch. The drill will be conducted at 9am. Schools and all other participants are encouraged to begin their drill by 910am if their weather radios do not alarm; please make sure your weather radios are in the correct alarm configuration. Again: A Test Tornado Warning will be issued around 9am using the EAS TOR code . Media who wish to opt out of the drill should take the necessary measures to prevent the Tornado Warning from activating their systems.

The main purpose of this drill is for schools, partners, the general public, and others to test their tornado safety plans and communication systems. With several deadly tornado events in Georgia and South Carolina during the past few years, it is imperative for everyone to have tornado safety procedures in place and to ensure they have a safe location to go to in the event of a tornado occurring.

The National Weather Service, South Carolina State Emergency Management Division, and the South Carolina Broadcasters Association hope you will participate in the tornado drill. If it is not practical to actually exercise your plan at the designated date and time, then please take the time to think about where your safest location is and review your plan for efficiency.