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Months of Peak Tornado Occurrence

Alabama - March through May, November
Alaska - NA
Arizona - July through September
Arkansas - March through May
California - January through April
Colorado - May through June, August
Connecticut - June through August
Delaware - June through August
Florida - May through July
Georgia - March through May
Hawaii - NA
Idaho - June through August
Illinois - April through June
Indiana - April through June
Iowa - April through June
Kansas - April through June
Kentucky - April through June
Louisiana - March through May, November
Maine - June through August
Maryland - May through July
Massachusetts - June through August
Michigan - May through July
Minnesota - May through July
Mississippi - March through June, November
Missouri - April through June
Montana - May through July
Nebraska - May through July
Nevada - May through August
New Hampshire - June through August
New Jersey - June through August
New Mexico - July through September
New York- June through August
North Carolina - March through June
North Dakota - June through August
Ohio- April through June
Oklahoma - April through June
Oregon - April through June
Pennsylvania - May through July
Rhode Island - August
South Carolina - March through May
South Dakota - June through August
Tennessee - March through May
Texas - April through June
Utah - May through June, August
Vermont - June through August
Virginia - April through June
Washingthroughn - April through June
West Virginia - May through July
Wisconsin - May through July
Wyoming - May through July