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Communication & Outreach Manager, NOAA Weather Radio Program, Tyra L. Brown
Meteorologist and Decision Support Services Program Manager Matt Solum, Western Region Headquarters

Careers in Operational Support

Who provides Operational Support?

It takes a lot of different, highly-skilled professionals to manage the nation's weather, water, and climate data, forecasts, and warnings.  From our National Headquarters in Silver Spring, MD to our six Regional Headquarters in Bohemia, NY, Fort Worth, TX, Kansas City, MO, Salt Lake City, UT, Anchorage, AK and Honolulu, HI to over 150 Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs), River Forecast Centers (RFCs), Center Weather Service Units (CWSUs), and national centers nationwide - our team is filled with dedicated individuals who work hard to support the NWS’s mission.  

Job Duties

The job duties for those in administrative and operational support positions vary greatly.  Administrative Support Assistants, Budget Officers, Policy Analysts, Program Managers, and Training Coordinators are just a few of the positions within this broad category.  Implementing budgets and policies, coordinating training, and building partnerships with professionals in other agencies are among the many duties handled by our diverse support team.  The duties for individual jobs will be listed in the vacancy announcement on USAJOBS.

Work Environment

Those in administrative and operational support roles work in offices all around the country.  Some positions, such as national and regional Program Managers, require occasional travel to conferences and meetings. 

Education and Experience Requirements

Just as the duties vary for jobs in this broad category, so do the education and experience requirements.  Be sure to read vacancy announcements on USAJOBS to determine if you meet the requirements and to ensure that you submit all required documentation to demonstrate your eligibility.

Faces of the NWS: Operations Support

Rosemary Auld
Regional Training Manager Eastern Region Headquarters

Melinda Bailey
Communications and Dissemination Program Manager
Southern Region Headquarters

Tyra L. Brown
Communication & Outreach Manager and NOAA Weather Radio Program

Vankita Brown
Social Scientist
Office of the Chief Operating

Michel Davison
Chief of the International Desks
Weather Prediction Center

Douglas Hilderbrand
Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador Lead
Office of Communication

Heath Hockenberry
National Fire Weather Program Manager
Analyze, Forecast, and Support Office

Brian Hoeth
Emergency Response Meteorologist
Southern Region Regional Operations Center (SR ROC)

Paul Schlatter
Sciences and Operations Officer (SOO)
WFO Boulder

Ashlie Sears
NWS Liaison Officer to FEMA N-IMAT East 1 NWS Ops Center

Wendy Sellers
Program Coordination Officer NOAA HQ, Office of the Under Secretary

Matt Solum
Decision Support Services Program Manager
Western Region Headquarters

Larry Van Bussum
National Fire Weather Operations Coordinator National Interagency Fire Center

Charlie Woodrum
Regional Operational Services Meteorologist  Pacific Region Headquarters