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Southern locations of Southeast Michigan saw heavy rainfall over the past couple of days and this day was no different.  Along with heavy rain that resulted in flooding, the warm front sparked off some strong thunderstorms that rolled across Lenawee, Monroe, Wastenaw, and Wayne counties.  Penny size hail accomanyied the initial severe thunderstorm warning with reports of flooding preceding the rest of the event.

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Radar loop courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM).  Larger yellow box is a severe weather watch, smaller yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings, and blue boxes are special marine warnings.


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Local Storm Reports


Image courtesy of Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM).  Yellow boxes are severe thunderstorm warnings, red box is a tornado warning, and purple boxes are special marine warnings.  Local Storm Reports (LSR) are also shown plotted on the map.

Text Summary of Local Storm Reports (LSRs)

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