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Event Summary

Please note:  Due to the nature of the storm with lighter blowing snow early Saturday morning and wet snow/mix later on, measuring the snowfall was quite difficult leading to variations across small distances.

Snow quickly moved in during the late evening on Friday, January 17, 2020 as a strong low pressure system moved in from the Midwest and across the Great Lakes region.   This strong system brought numerous advisories and warnings to the Midwest and Great Lakes.  The majority of the snow fell overnight and into the morning hours on Saturday before tapering off and transitioning to rain showers and drizzle over some parts of Southeast Michigan.  Snow, rain and sleet were all seen over the course of the later morning into early Saturday morning.  With the amount of moisture that was available with this system,  the characteristic of this snow was heavy and wet, making shoveling rather difficult.  During the heaviest snow, snowfall rates were 1+ inches per hour leading to many locations seeing 5 to 7 inches of total snow. 


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