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Last week we talked about the Super Tornado Outbreak  of 1974 and now here is another April super, the all time Super snowstorm of 1886. The anniversary of this storm is Monday, April 6th and since we are expecting another storm ( but less snow amounts than 1886 ;-) on it's anniversary, it is a good example to use to support the line "ïf you think this storm is bad..."

Another storm looking more similar to Monday's occurred more recently that in the 1880's was the 1980's in 1982. Snow amounts from that storm at Detroit and Flint averaged around seven inches with locally higher amounts. Saginaw being a bit further north of the main action received four inches. Bare ground was not seen for five days as another storm on the 10th brought an another inch or two.

Check out the maps for the April 6th 1982 storm.