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The NWS is working to improve resilience to extreme weather regardless of language ability.

On October 26, was launched to host NWS forecasts and warnings tranlated by an AI language model into Spanish for NWS Detroit. Detroit is one of 12 test offices, in addition to the National Hurricane Center, that is taking part in this program, with more offices expected to be added over time. The New York City office is also a test site for basic Chinese. 

When you go to the translate page, select English, then select Detroit/Pontiac MI for Forecast Office, then Choose Product, then select Espanol to get a side by side comparison of the products.  

A couple things to note:

  • There are several products that are not available yet simply because they have not been issued since this page was created for NWS Detroit. 
  • Words highlighted in blue have different words for different dialects of Spanish. Click on the word highlighted in blue to see the variations.
  • The question mark next to the product gives a basic overview of that product in Spanish. 

Here is the news release about this page. 

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