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The meteorlogical end to the 2011-2012 winter ended on February 29.   All three months of the winter season, December, January, and February, at all three climate sites in Southeast Michigan, Detroit, Flint and Saginaw reached the top twenty warmest.  The end result was a winter that was the warmest since the 2001-2002 winter and one that places in the top six warmest winters on record.  Despite the warm conditions, there have been enough small snowfalls that all three sites will remain out of the top twenty snowless winters.


  December January February Winter
Detroit  12th Warmest  17th Warmest  12th Warmest

36.9  1881-82  Warmest

35.7  1931-32  2nd

35.1  1889-90  3rd

33.8  2001-02  t-4th

33.8  1997-98  t-4th

33.0  2011-12  6th

Flint  9th Warmest  10th Warmest  7th Warmest

33.4  1931-32  Warmest

32.2  1982-83  2nd

31.7  2001-02  3rd

31.3  1997-98  4th

31.2  2011-12  5th

Saginaw  8th Warmest  12th Warmest  6th Warmest

33.3  1931-32  Warmest

30.9  1997-98  2nd

30.6  2011-12  3rd

30.5  2001-02  4th