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2023 NWS Women's Conference




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Through talks, presentations, discussions, and connections --

showing women in the NWS that all things are possible!


Why a Women's Conference?

The National Weather Service (NWS) employs more than 4,000 people in 122 Weather Forecast Offices, 21 CWSUs, 13 River Forecast Centers, national headquarters, 6 regional offices, 9 National Centers, and and other support offices around the country. A small percentage of these employees are women, and many of them are shift workers. Some of these women have no, or very few, other females in their office. In addition, retention issues occur when shift-working women have to make a choice between a dream career and a family. While it is no secret meteorology is a male-dominated profession, there is plenty of potential for women in the NWS.  That’s why WFO El Paso is hosting a Women’s Conference.  We want women in the NWS to know that all things are possible. After all, numerous resources already exist to help women succeed in the NWS. We just need a focused way to share this valuable information.


About the NWS Women's Conference

This conference is designed for the women of the NWS to: 
  • Share job opportunities 
  • Encourage open discussion about the unique experiences women in the NWS face
  • Expand leadership techniques and applications in the NWS and beyond

Over the course of this conference, it is hoped that featured speakers and presenters will contribute to a renewal of optimism for growth within the NWS, and tools and strategies that can positively affect the local office mission and culture.

This year will be a one-day, virtual meeting. We'll look into in-person options for the future.



If you work in the NWS, you're invited! 

The target audience for most topics will be for NWS women and anyone who identifies as female, however some topics can apply to a broader audience. 

In addition, there will be specific topics for allies and managers. The agenda will identify the recommended audience for each talk. 






NWS Women's Conference Agenda




All main sessions presentation are open to everyone. For each of the breakout sessions the intended audience is indicated. Please remain mindful of the audience as we want to create a safe space for those who want to share their experiences.

Image to show the breakout session legend; F is for female recommended and ALL is for open to all attendees.

We realize there may be interest in simultaneous breakout sessions. Out of courtesy to the breakout session presenters and moderators, please try to pick one and commit to stay for the entire session.


Schedule is subject to change. 

2023 NWS Women's Conference Agenda
UTC EDT MDT Wednesday November 1st
14:00 10:00 AM 8:00 AM

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Q & A: Retaining Women in the NWS
Mike Coyne - SRH RD


14:05 10:05 AM 8:05 AM
14:10 10:10 AM 8:10 AM
14:15 10:15 AM 8:15 AM
14:20 10:20 AM 8:20 AM
14:25 10:25 AM 8:25 AM
14:30 10:30 AM 8:30 AM Logistics and Instructions - Eleanor Dhuyvetter - EPZ Met and Marissa Pazos LUB WCM
14:35 10:35 AM 8:35 AM


Pat Brown - NWS DEIA
Keynote Address


14:40 10:40 AM 8:40 AM
14:45 10:45 AM 8:45 AM
14:50 10:50 AM 8:50 AM
14:55 10:55 AM 8:55 AM
15:00 11:00 AM 9:00 AM Women In Various Roles (Panel Discussion)

Felecia Bowser - TAE MIC   |   Krizia Negrón - Language Prog Lead
Jen McNatt - SRH DRD   |   Alison Macneil - NERFC DOH
Jamie Enderlen   |   Katie Magee - HUN SOO

15:05 11:05 AM 9:05 AM
15:10 11:10 AM 9:10 AM
15:15 11:15 AM 9:15 AM
15:20 11:20 AM 9:20 AM
15:25 11:25 AM 9:25 AM 10 Minute Break
15:30 11:30 AM 9:30 AM
15:35 11:35 AM 9:35 AM

Resume Building

Barb DeClerck - MAF MIC
Christien Hawthorne - OHCS


Imposter Syndrome

Jen McNatt - SRH DRD


LANTERN Opportunities

Flanisha Barrett - NOAA
Management Analyst
Aaliyah Perez


Feeling Alone

Laren Reynolds - DLH MIC
Amaryllis Cotto - HGX Met
Katie Slusher - EPZ Met

15:40 11:40 AM 9:40 AM
15:45 11:45 AM 9:45 AM
15:50 11:50 AM 9:50 AM
15:55 11:55 AM 9:55 AM
16:00 12:00 PM 10:00 AM
16:05 12:05 PM 10:05 AM
16:10 12:10 PM 10:10 AM Lunch Break



16:15 12:15 PM 10:15 AM
16:20 12:20 PM 10:20 AM
16:25 12:25 PM 10:25 AM
16:30 12:30 PM 10:30 AM
16:35 12:35 PM 10:35 AM
16:40 12:40 PM 10:40 AM
16:45 12:45 PM 10:45 AM Afternoon Talks
Eleanor Dhuyvetter
16:50 12:50 PM 10:50 AM
16:55 12:55 PM 10:55 AM

What Allyship looks like

Tim Brice - EPZ Sr. Met


17:00 1:00 PM 11:00 AM
17:05 1:05 PM 11:05 AM
17:10 1:10 PM 11:10 AM
17:15 1:15 PM 11:15 AM
17:20 1:20 PM 11:20 AM


Luis Ingram-Westover -

KEY Sr. Met


Allyship Through

Marie Herndon
Chassidy Ryals

Empowerment -
Changing The

Krissy Hurley - OHX MIC
Melissa McIntier - LIX ESA
Katie Magee - HUN SOO
Jessica Chace - MOB WCM

STEM: Promoting
opportunities to the
youth and expanding
it to all ethnic

Belkys Melendez - WGRFC
Amanda Roberts - LMRFC

17:25 1:25 PM 11:25 AM
17:30 1:30 PM 11:30 AM
17:35 1:35 PM 11:35 AM
17:40 1:40 PM 11:40 AM
17:45 1:45 PM 11:45 AM
17:50 1:50 PM 11:50 AM
17:55 1:55 PM 11:55 AM 10 Minute Break
18:00 2:00 PM 12:00 PM
18:05 2:05 PM 12:05 PM

EAP Keynote

Brianne Oxenrider - LCSW FOH EAP Senior Consultant


18:10 2:10 PM 12:10 PM
18:15 2:15 PM 12:15 PM
18:20 2:20 PM 12:20 PM
18:25 2:25 PM 12:25 PM
18:30 2:30 PM 12:30 PM

Support in Numbers

Jessie Smith - MLB OPL


18:35 2:35 PM 12:35 PM
18:40 2:40 PM 12:40 PM
18:45 2:45 PM 12:45 PM
18:50 2:50 PM 12:50 PM
18:55 2:55 PM 12:55 PM
19:00 3:00 PM 1:00 PM

Not Alone: Grief
and Support through

Jessica Chace - MOB WCM
Chris Darden - BMX MIC

Child Bearing Age,
and Shift Work

Jenn Dunn - FWD WCM
Bianca Garcia
Gina Tillis-Nash - LMRFC
Sr. Hydro

Couple and

Amber Hluchan - MAF WCM
Laura Kasper - KEY ASA


Guidance for

Felecia Bowser - TAE MIC
Jen McNatt - SRH DRD

Management Only


19:05 3:05 PM 1:05 PM
19:10 3:10 PM 1:10 PM
19:15 3:15 PM 1:15 PM
19:20 3:20 PM 1:20 PM
19:25 3:25 PM 1:25 PM
19:30 3:30 PM 1:30 PM
19:35 3:35 PM 1:35 PM

Where Do We Go From Here

Mary Dunbar

19:40 3:40 PM 1:40 PM
19:45 3:45 PM 1:45 PM
19:50 3:50 PM 1:50 PM
19:55 3:55 PM 1:55 PM Conference Wrap Up Eleanor Dhuyvetter - EPZ Met and Marissa Pazos - LUB WCM



Name Office Title Bio
Flanisha Barrett HQ Management Analyst I am a management analyst with 17 years of experience at the National Weather Service (NWS), currently serving as the NWS Awards Program manager. Over the past few years, I've also been the NWS point of contact for the LANTERN program.
Felecia Bowser TAE MIC Felecia Bowser is a native of New Jersey with roots in the south, and is happy to be working in Southern Region! She is passionate about mentorship and wants everyone she works with to be successful and happy.
Tim Brice EPZ Senior Meteorologist I've been a meteorologist at the El Paso office for the last 29 years. During the time I have helped usher in some of the latest technology trends into operations, from web pages to social media. I have also helped with NWS National School Outreach for the last six years.
Pat Brown HQ DEIA Lead  
Jessica Chace MOB WCM Jessica Chace is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana and joined the NWS as part of the SCEP at WFO Shreveport in 2008. After graduating in 2010, Jessica began her full time career at the Birmingham, AL office. She has spent the last 13 years in Alabama, working at WFO Huntsville from 2014 until 2022, and became the WCM at WFO Mobile in December of last year. In addition to her WFO duties, Jessica is currently the Federal Women’s Employment Program Manager for Southern Region and hopes to be a resource for women across the region! Her, her husband, Alex, and daughter, Tallie, have 3 dogs, 2 bunnies, and 1 hedgehog and enjoy traveling in their spare time.
Amaryllis Cotto HGX Meteorologist Amaryllis is currently a meteorologist at WFO Houston/Galveston and was previously a meteorologist at WFO San Juan. Aside from being a meteorologist for the NWS, she is also a meteorologist for the U.S. Air Force Reserves. She is part of the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (aka The Hurricane Hunters) based at Keesler AFB as an Aerial Reconnaissance Weather Officer (aka, the meteorologist in charge of the mission/flight).
Mike Coyne SRH RD Serve as the Regional Director of the Southern Region of the NWS since 2021. Before being RD, Mike was the DRD and CPO at SRH, and MIC in Huntsville, AL previous to that.
Chris Darden BMX MIC Chris Darden is the Meteorologist in Charge at the National Weather Service in Birmingham Alabama. He holds a BS in Atmospheric Science from NC State University along with graduate studies at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Prior to his arrival in Birmingham in 2018, Chris held the same position at the NWS office in Huntsville Alabama, helping lead the office through multiple high impact disasters including the 2011 Super Outbreak.
Barb DeClerck MAF MIC I am currently a hiring manager and former certified professional resume writer. I taught resume development and interview techniques to military members leaving the uniformed services for several years.
Eleanor Dhuyvetter EPZ Meteorologist Eleanor is a meteorologist at the WFO in El Paso. She obtained a bachelor's from Arizona State University, and work one year as a met in the Monterey WFO during 2021.
Mary Dunbar      
Jenn Dunn FWD WCM Jennifer Dunn is the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Fort Worth. Her career in the NWS spans over 20 years, and she has been with the NWS Fort Worth office for 18 of those years; 5 years as the WCM. She and her husband have two girls.
Jamie Enderlen HQ

Acting Office of Dissemination Executive Officer


Jamie is a native Chicagoan who enjoys time with her husband, two pitbull rescue dogs, and her horse, Enzo. She has been the Chicago CWSU MIC for five years, and has completed a wide variety of LANTERN and temporary duty assignments including her current TDY as the Dissemination Executive Officer. Jamie is a big believer in learning about one's self through experiences like mentoring, coaching, and stretch assignments because understanding who you are allows you to be your authentic self, benefitting those around you.
Bianca Garcia BRO Senior Meteorologist Bianca Garcia is a Lead Meteorologist at NWS Brownsville WFO, a SR BIDE Ambassador, and a member of the NWS DEIA Recruitment Team. Prior to becoming a Lead Meteorologist, she spent a little over 6 years at the NWS Fort Worth/Dallas WFO as a Meteorologist. She attended Texas A&M University for her Bachelor's Degree in Meteorology and Millersville University for her Master's Degree in Emergency Management.
Ken Graham HQ Director Ken Graham is the Director of NOAA's National Weather Service and is the Assistant Administrator for Weather Services at NOAA. Prior to becoming the 17th NWS Director on June 7, 2022, he served as the director of NOAA’s National Hurricane Center. Graham is the first NWS director with a vast amount of operational field experience.
Christien Hawthorne OHCS   I'm an HRBA with the Office of Human Capital Services (OHCS), and this is my fourth year with NOAA, servicing the NWS Southern Region. I have 13 years of Federal HR experience in total and enjoy helping employees navigate the recruitment and placement side of the HR world.
Marie Herndon      
Amber Hluchan MAF WCM After graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2008, Amber officially started her NWS career at WFO Fort Worth. In 2012, she and her husband, Rick, joined the WFO Midland team as a general forecasters. Amber has been the WCM at WFO MAF since 2020 and Rick a lead forecaster/IMET since 2019. They have 3 children, ages 9, 4, and 2.
Krissy Hurley OHX MIC  
Luis Ingram-Westover KEY Senior Meteorologist I am vey passionate about weather and diversity. I have been an active diversity ambassador for about 5 years mostly with the LGBTQ+ community. I work closely with the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility to give talks on diversity and inclusion and attend conferences to speak to students interested in NOAA.
Laura Kasper KEY ASA ASA and Meteorologist at WFO Key West
Lisa Love HQ Director Management and Organization Division Lisa has 35+ years Human Resources experience at NOAA and other Federal Agencies. She is currently leading the NWS Tiger Team Task Force. In 2021, three NWS Tiger Teams presented their findings and recommendations to NWS leadership, with the final outcome being a total of 31 recommendations on how to improve the diversity and culture of the organization, while enhancing the employee experience. The Task Force is charged with reviewing the long-term recommendations and finding creative ways of implementing them sustainably across the organization.
Alison MacNeil NERFC DOH I have been with NERFC for the last 21 years starting as a hydrologist. With the help of a very supportive management team throughout my career, I worked my way up to become the first female DOH in 2017.
Katie Magee HUN SOO Katie is an energetic and outgoing person passionate about helping others reach their goals. At work in the NWS, this manifests itself in her position as a SOO at WFO Huntsville, and outside of work, this is shown through her time serving on AMS and NWA committees as well as working part time with the University of Alabama-Huntsville. Katie also enjoys being a couch potato and binge-watching lots of television!
Melissa McIntier LIX ESA I served in the USAF before entering the NWS back in 2010, and have often been the only woman in the room within my career. I'm excited to share experiences with others in the NWS!
Jen McNatt SRH DRD I have been in the NWS for just over 20 years, at offices across the Gulf and Atlantic coasts as well as the SR ROC. In addition to my deputy director role, I am also co-leading the Shiftwork Flexibility Team and am passionate about employee health and wellness.
Belkys Melendez WGRFC Senior HAS Bel has been a meteorologist at the National Weather Service for the last 16 years and has gained a wide range of weather experiences. She started her career at WFO San Juan, PR then went to WFO Newport/Morehead City, NC, and now, is part of West Gulf RFC due to interest and passion for hydrology. She brings her WFO hydro experience into an RFC environment which helped in the creation of WaterAware.
Krizia Negron HQ NWS Language Program Lead Krizia is the new NWS Language Program Lead (LPL) as part of the OSTI Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (SBES) Program. Before that, she was the NWS Executive Officer to the NWS Director. She was also a Lead Forecaster at NWS Melbourne after working as a forecaster at NWS Florida Keys and NWS San Juan.
Brianne Oxenrider USHSS FOH EAP Senior Consultant Brianne Oxenrider is a Senior Consultant for the Federal Occupational Health Employee Assistance and Worklife Program. She is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Louisiana. She has over 15 years of clinical experience counseling individuals, couples, groups, children, and families in a wide range of settings, utilizing solution focused, mindfulness, and cognitive-behavioral interventions. She has been a consultant for the FOH EAP since 2014.
Marissa Pazos LUB WCM Marissa Pazos is the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NWS Lubbock with 12 years experience in the NWS. When she is not forecasting she spends much of her time focused on vulnerable populations and NWS retention. Marissa is a Texas A&M graduate and prior to becoming the Warning Coordination Meteorologist at NWS Lubbock she was a senior meteorologist at NWS Atlanta and a forecaster at NWS Lubbock and NWS El Paso.
Aaliyah Perez HQ Management & Program Analyst Aaliyah is a Management & Program Analyst at the NWS HQ office, located in Silver Spring. She is currently involved with a variety of programs and projects within the Management and Organization Division, including the LANTERN Program. She is passionate about diversifying the workforce and equal opportunity for all employees.
Laren Reynolds DLH MIC Laren Reynolds is the Meteorologist in Charge at WFO Duluth. She has also worked at WFO El Paso, and WFO Dodge City where she was the only female forecaster. She holds a B.S in public relations and graphic design from the University of Central Missouri, and a M.S. in atmospheric science from Creighton University. Prior to joining the NWS, Laren spent a decade in the communications industry where she led the public relations and crisis communication efforts for her company and clients, as well as the management of major events, festivals, and grand openings. Laren and her husband have two fur sons - Mahomes, a three-year-old Pomeranian, and Kelce, a three-year-old Pug. They are big Kansas City Chiefs fans.
Amanda Roberts LMRFC   Amanda Roberts is a senior hydrologist for the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center near New Orleans, where she has worked for almost 24 years. She has a B.S. and M.S. in geology with an emphasis in fluvial geomorphology. As a Native American employee, Amanda is very active in the NOAA American Indian Alaska Native ERG, she is the Native American SEPM for Southern Region, and she is a member of the NWS Tribal Team. Amanda is also co-lead for the NWS WaterAware hydrology outreach initiative, which incorporates experience from her second job as a college instructor over the years.
Chassidy Ryals      
Katie Slusher EPZ Meteorologist Katie is a Virginia native who graduated Virginia Tech (VT) in 2020. During her time at VT, she volunteered with the Blacksburg WFO and realized the NWS was her calling and landed the job in El Paso, TX Spring of 2021! Outside of the office, Katie enjoys nature photography, painting, and playing with her two fur-kids Apollo and Socks.
Jessie Smith MLB OPL Jessie began her career with the NWS in 2016 as a Meteorologist at WFO Melbourne. In early 2022, she transitioned into the OPL role, where she is also able to fill the duties as the Hydro Program Manager, and work forecaster shifts when necessary. Through last year's Women's Conference, Jessie was able to network with other NWS couples, and she and her fiancé Brendan (fellow MLB forecaster) are so thankful for knowledge shared!
Gina Tillis-Nash LMRFC Senior Hydrologist Gina Tillis-Nash is a senior hydrologist at the Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center, with over 20 years with the NWS. In addition to being a mother of 3 active kids, Gina is a licensed engineer, with a MBA, and MS & BS in Environmental Engineering and strives to improve work-life balance as well as make her office family’s environment more inclusive and fun, because happy people are more productive, more committed to the mission, and frankly, more pleasant to be around.



2023 NWS Women's Conference Organizers

  • WFO El Paso Organizers
    • Eleanor Dhuyvetter
    • Tim Brice
    • Katie Slusher
    • Kerwyn Texeira
  • NWS Organizers
    • Felecia Bowser, WFO TAE
    • Jessica Chace, WFO HUN
    • Amaryllis Cotto, WFO HGX
    • Barb Declerck, CWSU ZME
    • Angie Enyedi, WFO JAX
    • Laura Kasper, WFO KEY
    • Katie Magee, WFO HUN
    • Alana McCants, WGRFC
    • Melissa Mcintier, WFO LIX
    • Jennifer Mcnatt, SR HQ
    • Gina Tillis-Nash, LMRFC
    • Marissa Pazos, WFO LUB
    • Laren Reynolds, WFO DLH




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