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Bangor to Lowell

  • Fatalities: 0
  • Injuries: 12
  • Path Length: 55 miles
  • Maximum Width: 150 yards
  • Rating: F3
  • Time: 7:15 to 8:30

Damage from April 3, 1956 Tornado OutbreakDamage from April 3, 1956 Tornado Outbreak

This final tornado would cover a path of more than 50 miles as it moved from south of Bangor in Van Buren County to south of Lowell in Southeast Kent County. The hardest hit areas included the southern part of the town of Bangor, Eagle Lake on the Van Buren and Allegan County line and the southeast part of the city of Allegan.

Damage from April 3, 1956 Tornado Outbreak

Several cottages along the western edge of Eagle Lake were swept away. The tornado then cut a continuous damage path through Allegan County and through Northeast Barry County before finally ending in Southeast Kent County.

Damage from April 3, 1956 Tornado Outbreak

Several more farms were hit hard. By the time this tornado lifted it was dark, and even though the squall line that produced the tornadoes would continue east and bring strong damaging winds for a few more hours, the worst of it was over. The damage had been done and in some areas it was total.

Damage from April 3, 1956 Tornado Outbreak

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