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Snow Expected This Evening, Slick Roads May Develop

A quick shot of accumulating snow is expected this evening. Roads may become slick as temperatures fall. Drivers should also watch out for lingering icy spots for the Tuesday morning commute. Warmer temperatures in the 40s are expected for the middle of this week. Read More >

November 11-12 Accumulating Snow, Lake Effect Snow, and Record-Breaking Cold

Heavy snow that fell in Grand Junction - Photo courtesy of Clay Greiffendorf 


An early season snowstorm and lake effect snow event impacted the western Great Lakes from Monday, November 11th to Tuesday, November 12th. Snow accumulations of 3-8" were common along the I-96 and I-94 corridors with totals measured in feet in the lake effect snow belts. Record-breaking cold temperatures followed on Tuesday enabling wind chills to drop into the single digits.  While such snow totals and cold temperatures are not uncommon in Michigan during the winter months, experiencing such conditions in early November is unusual. 



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