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Important Disclaimers

Images below show model simulations produced by the NCRFC river model for select Mississippi River and Illinois River locations.

Experimental products may not always update in a timely manner and may be discontinued at a future date. Experimental products may not always reflect accurate, quality controlled information and should be used with caution.

This data is not an official forecast.  Official forecasts available from AHPS (

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Mississippi River Locations:

St. Paul, MN (STPM5)
Hastings, MN LD 2 (HSTM5)
Red Wing, MN LD 3(RDWM5)
Lake City, MN (LKCM5)
Wabasha, MN (WABM5)
Alma, WI LD 4 (ALMW3)
Minnesota City, MN LD 5 (MSCM5)
Winona, MN LD 5A (WIDM5)
Winona, MN (WNAM5)
Trempealeau, WI LD 6 (TREW3)
La Cresent, MN LD 7 (LCRM5)
LaCrosse, WI (LACW3)
Genoa, WI LD 8 (GENW3)
Lansing, IA (LNSI4)
Lynxville, WI LD 9 (LYNW3)
McGregor, IA (MCGI4)
Guttenberg, IA LD 10 (GTTI4)
Dubuque, IA LD 11 (DLDI4)
Dubuque, IA (DBQI4)
Bellvue, IA LD 12 (BLVI4)
Fulton, IL LD 13 (FLTI2)
Comanche, IA (CMMI4)
Le Claire, IA LD 14 (LECI4)
Rock Island, IL LD 15 (RCKI2)
Illinois City, IL LD 16 (ILNI2)
Muscatine, IA (MUSI4)
New Boston, IL LD 17 (NBOI2)
Keithsburg, IL (KHBI2)
Gladstone, IL LD 18 (GLDI2)
Burlington, IA (BRLI4)
Keokuk, IA LD 19 (EOKI4)
Gregory Landing, MO (GGYM7)
Canton, MO LD 20 (CANM7)
Lousiana, MO (LUSM7)
Clarksville, MO LD 24 (CLKM7)
St. Louis, MO (EADM7)
Chester, IL(CHSI2)
Illinois River Locations:
Peoria, IL (PRAI2)
New La Grange, IL (NLGI2)


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