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Significant Winter Storm in the West; Critical Fire Weather in the Plains; Severe Storms Across the Midwest

A strong system has triggered a significant winter storm across the west. Heavy snow, rain and gusty winds will be possible through Tuesday. In the southwest, dry conditions and gusty winds have led to critical fire weather concerns today. By tomorrow, a strong cold front will increase the potential for severe weather across the Midwest. Damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes will be possible. Read More >


The Office of Water Prediction (OWP) collaboratively researches, develops and delivers state-of-the-science national hydrologic analyses, forecast information, data, decision-support services and guidance to support and inform essential emergency services and water management decisions. In partnership with NWS national, regional, and local offices, the OWP coordinates, integrates and supports consistent water prediction activities from global to local levels.

The Organization

The Office of Water Prediction (OWP) is a geographically distributed organization which includes elements in Maryland, Minnesota and Alabama. The OWP is designed to support a consistent and unified hydrologic program while maximizing efficient use of resources helping to ensure the NWS excels as a science-based service organization. The OWP will conduct development, field support and operational functions through projects and programs that address national, regional, and local needs and are led and supported by staff in multiple offices across the country. Initial activities of the OWP will be focused on support and development; operational functions will be identified and developed over time. Functional roles have been established in the OWP structure to coordinate and support this framework.