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Welcome to the home page of Confluence, the quarterly newsletter of the NWS Hydrology Program!

These are exciting and challenging times, as we enter a new era of collaboration to address society's water resources challenges, with new tools and capabilities in hand and more on the way. We're starting to leverage the new Community Hydrologic Prediction System, advancing Integrated Water Resources Science and Services (IWRSS), transforming the Hydrology Laboratory to support a broader water resources mission, implementing new forecasting capabilities, and creating the world's first National Water Center (NWC). With so many complex activities going on, we've launched Confluence to keep everyone up-to-date, and to help ensure the tributaries come together and merge into a single stream.

The first issue of Confluence was published in July 2012 and the last in Fall of 2014. The latest issue is shown above, to see the full size document, click on the image. To navigate to other issues, click on the arrows on the right or left side of the image (right moves forward in time, left moves back).



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