National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

NWS conducts Service Assessments to evaluate its performance after significant hydrometeorological, oceanographic, or geological events. Assessments may be initiated when one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • Major economic impact on a large area or population
  • Multiple fatalities or numerous serious injuries
  • Extensive national public interest or media coverage
  • Unusual level of attention to NWS performance

Assessment teams, composed of experts from within and outside the NWS, evaluate activities before, during, and after events to determine the usefulness of NWS products and services.The team generates a report, which serves as an evaluative tool to identify and share best practices in operations and procedures, and identify and address service deficiencies. The goal of the activity is for the NWS to continuously improve its services to the nation.

Hurricanes Florence and Michael 2018











Service Assessments are part of the NWS Verification Program. The NWS Office of the Administrator decides whether to perform an assessment. A report is released when the Assistant Administrator for Weather Services has approved it. If an event does not warrant a national service assessment, an NWS region may conduct a regional assessment of NWS services.