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Preliminary 2020 SKYWARN Training Schedule

NWS San Angelo has many highly trained SKYWARN storm spotters who volunteer their time and radio communication skills to provide timely and accurate information about the storms seen on radar. These highly dedicated individuals help save lives. No matter how advanced radar technology becomes, the National Weather Service will always be highly dependent on trained volunteer SKYWARN spotters.

If you would like to become a SKYWARN spotter, the first step is to attend a SKYWARN training session administered by the National Weather Service. These training sessions are free and no registration is required. The classes are held from February to mid-April. Check the latest SKYWARN training schedule. If you have any questions, you can e-mail Hector Guerrero, Warning and Coordination Meteorologist at NWS San Angelo. You can also contact us by phone at (325) 944-9445.

SKYWARN spotters must have a reliable method of communication with a SKYWARN net controller. This is often accomplished through amateur radio, and sometimes through General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies operated by Radio Emergency Communications Teams (REACT). Amateur radio and GMRS operators are licensed with the FCC. Most local amateur radio clubs administer license classes and examinations, as well as communications and spotter logistics training. Many SKYWARN spotters are volunteer fireman who have reliable radio contact with county law enforcement dispatchers. Other SKYWARN spotters simply relay storm reports to law enforcement via their home telelphone.

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