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Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain in the South; Another Pacific Storm Moves into the West

Isolated strong to severe thunderstorms will be possible across parts of the Southern Plains into the lower Mississippi Valley. Locally heavy rain will impact the central Gulf Coast. Another Pacific storm will produce moderate to heavy precipitation amounts into northern California and southwestern Oregon. Read More >

Upper-air Observations Program

The National Weather Service (NWS) Upper-air Observations Program is managed by the Office of Observations (OBS), which is part of NWS Headquarters located in Silver Spring, Maryland. Upper-air Program staff oversee the operation of 92 Radiosonde stations in North America and the Pacific Islands. While also supporting the operation of 10 stations in the Caribbean, a Cooperative Program known as the Cooperative Hurricane Upper Air Stations (CHUAS). Radiosondes provide upper-air data that are essential for weather forecasts, research, and historical climatology, and are launched twice daily at (00z and 12z), with additional SPECI releases supporting critical weather at 06z and 18z, or as needed.  OBS staff are also involved in the development, testing and implementation of new radiosonde ground systems, as well as any part of the balloon flight train that brings the radiosonde into the atmosphere.  This can include cotton twine, parachute, balloon and dereeler/unwinder.  In the event of any issues during flights, the Sterling Field Support Center Upper Air Help Desk was created to offer assistance 16 hours a day, seven days a week, to mitigate loss of data (


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