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2017 Spotter Training


Scheduling for the 2017 Storm Spotter training season has begun.  Classes will be held in March and April 2017.  There were also two (2) online webinars available.

There are several on-line storm spotter training modules and reference materials available:

Do you have questions about SKYWARN or becoming a spotter?  Click here for our SKYWARN FAQ page.  Most sessions are open to the general public with no need to pre-register.  All training is free and usually lasts around 2 hours.

Main NWS La Crosse contact for spotter training is Todd Shea, Warning Coordination Meteorologist.

Last Updated: 11/2/16

Date Time County City Location
March 2 6:30 p.m. Monroe Fort McCoy, WI Base Personnel Only



Surrounding NWS Forecast Office Spotter Schedules:

Outline of the 2016 Presentation

First Half

  • Introduction to Storm Spotting
  • Information about NWS La Crosse
  • The Spotting Process
  • Sources of weather information
  • NWS Information / Outlooks (update!) 
  • Spotter deployment 
  • Spotting locations
  • Stages of the thunderstorm (updraft/downdrafts)
  • Thunderstorm Hazards (Flooding, Lightning, Hail)
  • Downbursts
  • Thunderstorm Wind

Second Half

  • Squall Lines / Shelf Clouds (updated!) 
  • Supercells
  • Elements of the Supercell
  • Wall Clouds
  • Tornado definitions and examples
  • Funnel clouds
  • Challenges to spotters 
  • Spotter reporting procedures/guidelines
  • Spotter safety (focus on El Reno, OK tornado)