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Why become an Ambassador?

Your National Weather Service (NWS) is looking for Ambassadors within organizations to promote awareness of and preparedness for hazardous weather within your sphere of influence.  You will receive an occasional Email from the NWS to help you in this effort. 

Who Can Become a WRN Ambassador?

  • Any organization across all levels of government
  • Businesses large and small
  • TV, Radio, and Print media
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  • Churches
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Academia

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

  • Permission to use the WRN logo allows organizations to identify themselves as “taking partial ownership” of this initiative
  • Introduction to a complete array of NOAA/NWS products and services. 
  • Use the local NWS office as a resource to enhance weather safety plans.Periodic emails to WRN Ambassadors will provide information such as links to newly posted outreach material on relevant hazards, as well as updates on experimental or newly operational NOAA products, services, or data. 
  • Ambassadors are part of a unified effort to increase consistency in messaging

Current Ambassadors in southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and western/central Wisconsin:



  • KCRG-TV Cedar Rapids, IA
  • KWWL-TV Waterloo, IA
  • WQOW-TV Eau Claire, WI
  • WKBT-TV La Crosse, WI
  • WAOW-TV Wausau, WI
  • KAAL-TV Rochester, MN
  • WXOW-TV La Crosse, WI
  • KCHA Radio Charles City, IA
  • WLFN Radio La Crosse, WI
  • WQPC/WPRE Radio Prairie du Chien, WI
  • KDEC Radio Decorah, IA
  • KOEL Radio Oelwein, IA
  • KGAN-TV Cedar Rapids, IA
  • WLSU/WHLA - Wisconsin Public Radio
  • WEAU-TV Eau Claire, WI
  • KCZQ Radio Cresco, IA
  • KTTC-TV Rochester, MN
  • KIMT-TV Rochester, MN

City/County Agencies

  • City of Rochester, MN
  • Winneshiek Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Olmsted Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Fillmore Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • La Crosse Co. (WI) Emerg. Services
  • La Crosse Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • La Crosse Co. (WI) Highway Dept.
  • La Crosse Fire Dept. (WI)
  • Jackson Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Jackson Co. (WI) Sheriff's Office
  • Adams Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Adams Co. (WI) Sheriff's Office
  • Dodge Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Dodge Co. (MN) Sheriff's Office
  • Crawford Co. (WI) Sheriff's Office
  • Winona Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Wabasha Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Fayette Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Allamakee Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Mower Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Houston Co. (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Mitchell Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Monroe Co. (WI) Sheriff's Office
  • Taylor Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Richland Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Charles City Fire Dept. (IA)
  • Buffalo Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Wabasha Fire Dept. (MN)
  • Edgewood Fire Dept. (IA)
  • Chickasaw Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Chickasaw Co. (IA) Sheriff's Dept.
  • Clayton Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Ionia Fire Dept. (IA)
  • Fredericksburg Fire Dept. (IA)
  • Nashua Police Dept. (IA)
  • Adams Police Dept. (MN)
  • City of Ionia (IA)
  • City of Fredericksburg (IA)
  • Floyd Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Howard Co. (IA) Emerg. Management
  • Vernon Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Monroe Co. (WI) Climate Change Task Force
  • Harmony Fire Dept. (MN)
  • Harmony (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Lake City (MN) Emerg. Management
  • Juneau Co. (WI) Emerg. Management
  • Stoddard-Bergen Fire Dept. (WI)
  • Merrillan Fire Dept. (WI)
  • Viroqua Fire Dept. (WI)

State / Federal Agencies

  • Wisconsin Emergency Management
  • Wisconsin Dept.of Natural Resources
  • Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation
  • Wisconsin Military Academy
  • USDA Farm Service Agency (WI)
  • MN Dept. of Transportation (MnDOT)
  • MN Dept. of Agriculture
  • Assoc. of MN Emerg. Managers
  • IA Dept. of Transportation (Iowa DOT)
  • Iowa Flood Center
  • Iowa State Climatologist
  • Minnesota State Patrol
  • Minnesota Homeland Sec./Emerg.Mngmt
  • Parks & Trails Council of Minnesota
  • Fort McCoy, WI
  • 88th Readiness Division

Spotter Networks / Amateur Radio

  • Monroe Co. SKYWARN
  • Rochester Amateur Radio Club
  • Juneau Co. (WI) ARES/RACES
  • Dodge Co. (MN) Amateur Radio
  • Winona Amateur Radio Club
  • Rural Iowa Amateur Radio Club
  • Pine Valley Repeaters Amateur Radio Club
  • Coulee Amateur Radio Club
  • Riverland Amateur Radio Club
  • Southeast Minnesota Amateur Radio Club
  • Wisconsin/Northern Illinois Weather Cafe
  • Wisconsin ARES/RACES


  • Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN
  • Central Community Hospital - Elkader, IA
  • Chickasaw Co. Rescue Squad (IA)


  • Univ.of Wisconsin-La Crosse
  • Univ.of Wisconsin-Platteville
  • Kasson-Mantorville School District (MN)
  • Whitehall School District (WI)
  • Houston School District (MN)
  • Seneca Area School District (WI)
  • De Soto Area School District (WI)
  • Alma School District (WI)
  • New Lisbon School District (WI)
  • Royall School District (WI)
  • Wauzeka-Steuben School District (WI)
  • Charles City Community School District (IA)
  • Rushford-Peterson School District (MN)
  • Ed-Co Elementary School (IA)
  • Gilmanton School District (WI)


  • Festival Foods
  • Odin Forge - Rochester, MN
  • Iowa Weather Network
  • Explore La Crosse
  • Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency
  • Galaudet Gallery LLC
  • Milewski Nature Fund
  • Kohnert Communications LLC
  • Serendipity Golf Course/Convention Ctr

US Congress

  • US Representative Tim Walz (Minnesota)