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Frequently Asked Questions about Spotter Training Sessions

  1. Do I need to preregister for these sessions? No. All you need to do is arrive at the proper time and location.
  2. About how long do the sessions last? Approximately 2 hours.
  3. Do I have to live / be a spotter in the county that I take the training session? No. The training sessions are identical. 
  4. Is there a fee to attend? There is no fee to attend.

    Click on any talk below for additional information. Not all sessions may appear in the list. Try clicking on the "Look for More" link to see if more are scheduled.

Latest additions: 2/6: Added location to Lawrence County

2/4: Added Boone, Greene, and Shelby Counties. Changed the room number for the Marion Co. session on March 27.

1/30: added Fountain County, Warren County, and another Marion County talk

1/27; added Rush County