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Storm Data Archive for Northern Indiana Forecast Area

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Archive of Past 12 months

Archive of Past Annual Storm Data

What is Storm Data? Storm Data is a monthly publication that details any unusual or significant weather events that were reported to the National Weather Service. It includes (but is not limited to) winter weather, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods and high wind. All fatalities and injuries that are related to weather are included, as well as any weather that caused significant damage. Weather that also may have historical impact may be included as well. 

What information is available on this page? The Storm Data links above are for events that occurred in the Northern Indiana Weather Office (IWX) area of responsibility. An archive of the past 12 months of monthly data can be found above, as well as a summary of events for a specific past year. If a month is missing from an annual archive or a blank form shows up on the 12 month archive, then no significant events were reported for that month. If you need data for another area, you will need to access the webpage of the office responsible for the area you are looking for. Click here for a link to all NWS offices (click on the map over the area you are looking for).

My roof was blown off in a thunderstorm. Why isn't that report in Storm Data? We probably did not receive the report. We will research storms (both during and after the event) through local newspapers, law enforcement and spotters. If the event was not reported to any of these organizations and you didn't report it to us directly, we probably didn't get it. 

How long after an event is Storm Data available? At the end of each month, a verification process is performed on all reports, plus additional details or reports are obtained from local media, including many newspapers. Then a final summary of each weather episode during the month is compiled. This process usually takes 1 to 2 months, depending on the weather during that season. Unfortunately, it can take even longer if an ongoing severe weather season does not allow the needed time to compile Storm Data.

 Can I use the above data in legal matters?  This is provided as a courtesy to our web site visitors. In many cases, it will be sufficent to answer many questions. However, if certified data of weather events is needed for legal matters, such as court cases, you will need to contact the National Climatic Data Center  at (828) 271-4800 or going to the Storm Events link on their web site and placing your request. All certifcations will be done on paper through USPS mailing. There is a cost associated with this. For an explanation of why charges are assessed, you can check the following document.

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