National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

This illustration provides a glimpse of the weather pattern aloft, as depicted by computer guidance, across part of the United States – including the Quad State Region (outlined in white in both images). Although the Quad State region will see little in the way of extensive cloudiness today and tonight (Sunday), the atmosphere will still be active to the north and south. The image on the upper right depicts areas where spotty rain will be found (cloudy/rain icons) today. The reddish/brown color in this image depicts where there is more “spin” and energy in the middle levels of the atmosphere. In the image on the lower left, the reddish/brown area shows atmospheric energy moving into the Quad State region with the passage of an upper level trough (depicted by the yellow dashed line). This weather pattern will bring a brief period of showers, and possibly a few thunderstorms, to the Quad State region late Monday into Monday night. The rain will clear out by Tuesday morning.