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NGGPS is evolving into a Unified Forecast System (UFS) through the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP)

The National Weather Service is designing, developing, and implementing a global prediction system to address growing service demands, and increase the accuracy of weather forecasts out to 30 days. The goal is to expand critical weather forecasting research to operation (R2O) through accelerated development and implementation of current global weather prediction models, improved data assimilation techniques, software architecture and system engineering. Contributions from a wide sector of the numerical weather prediction community including NCEP, NOAA and other agency laboratories and universities, will be incorporated into an operational system to deliver a Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS) that meets the evolving national prediction requirements. 

Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP): The overall goal is to create a multi-year implementation plan to document the effort of the community participants that will work together to evolve the Next Generation Global Prediction System (NGGPS) towards a national unified Earth system modeling system for operations and research, to the mutual benefit of both. 

NGGPS Implementation Teams are combined with the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) Teams 

Team are comprised of subject matter experts from across NOAA line offices/laboratories, Navy, NASA, UCAR, and universities. Implementation teams provide input on the direction of the SIP plans, which build off of the original NGGPS Team Plans. 

NGGPS Implementation team plans are listed below.

NGGPS Original Implementation Team Plans NGGPS Team Lead(s)
Atmospheric Prediction - Dynamics Lucas Harris (GFDL)
Vijay Tallapragada (NCEP/EMC)
Atmospheric Prediction - Physics (pdf)

Jim Doyle (NRL Monterey)
Georg Grell (ESRL/GSD)
Shrinivas Moorthi (NCEP/EMC)

Aerosols and Atmospheric Composition Ivanka Stajner (NWS/STI)
Yu-Tai Hou (NCEP/EMC)
Atmospheric Data Assimilation (pdf) John Derber (NCEP/EMC)
Tom Auligné(UCAR/JSDA)
Marine Prediction (incl ocean, waves, sea ice, and marine data assimilation) (pdf) Avichal Mehra (NCEP/EMC)
Land Surface Prediction and land data assimilation (pdf) Mike Ek (NCEP/EMC)
Nesting (includes hurricanes and convective systems) (pdf) Vijay Tallapragada (NCEP/EMC)
Post-Processing (pdf) Matthew Peroutka (NWS/MDL)
Yuejian Zhu (NCEP/EMC)
Ensemble Development (pdf) Tom Hamill (ESRL/PSD)
Yuejian Zhu (NCEP/EMC)
Overarching System (architecture/integration incl NEMS/ESMF) (pdf) Cecelia DeLuca (ESRL/CIRES)
Mark Iredell (NCEP/EMC)
Infrastructure Vijay Tallapragada (NCEP/EMC)
Verification and Validation (pdf) Ivanka Stajner (NWS/STI)
Glenn White (NCEP/EMC)
Testbeds (pdf) Paula Davidson (NWS/STI)
Mike Ek (NCEP/EMC)